Get your kids to eat healthy!

I get asked a lot for tips on getting kids to eat healthy. Let me first start off by saying that, if its not good enough for you to eat, then you shouldn’t be feeding it to your kids. There is no reason to make 2 different options at every meal! Everyone should eat the same things. If your diet is important to you because you want to be healthy, then it should be just as important that you feed your kids that way! Why on earth would I feed my kids hot dogs, while I am sitting over here eating chicken and veggies?!?

1. Don’t have unhealthy options at home. YOU go grocery shopping. YOU put the items in your cart. YOU pay money for these items. The common denominator here is YOU! Children have zero control over the food in your house unless you allow them to. If kids have the choice between chips or fruits and veggies, they will most likely choose chips! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out!!
2. If it stresses you out, then don’t take them shopping with you. They will whine and try and get you to buy junk. If you want to brave it, like I have to most of the time, try and turn it into a game. “Lets find which foods are healthy.” “help me put the food in the bag” or “point out which foods are unhealthy” This doesn’t always curb fits, but you never know, they might surprise you.
3. When they make a healthy food choice, praise them!! “wow! I am so proud that you made such a healthy choice and it makes me happy to know that your body is growing big and strong!!”
4. The opposite end of number three. When they make a bad choice, don’t make a huge deal about it! They are going to go to birthday parties and have too much cake. They will go to school and their friends will give them cookies. If you make them feel bad, they are just going to turn into secret eaters. I had this problem with my daughter and a good friend mentioned that as long as I am feeding them healthy at home, when the occasionally go out and eat bad, its not such a big deal.
5. Dipping sauces! If I have to put cheese or sauce on something to get my kids to eat it, then so be it! There is a great recipe on here called tzatziki (tuh-zee-kee) at home. It is made from greek yogurt and it tastes just like ranch dressing. My kids love this! They also love almond butter and peanut butter with apples and celery. I also make honey mustard for chicken. I use a couple tablespoons of mustard, some mayo and honey to taste. The absolutely love this sauce!
6. Last night for dinner I steamed asparagus, snap peas and broccoli. I shredded some cheese and put it on the veggies back into the steamer for a minute or two. Its was gooey and delicious. I served it with baked tilapia. As soon as I set it on the table, my 2 year old grabbed a huge bite of the tilapia and i ran for my camera. i said “Everyone, look at Myla eating her food!” And I took a picture. Soon everyone was saying “take a picture of me eating my broccoli!” or peas or what ever. They all cleaned their plates. I was happy!

Dinner last night:

IMG_0961 7. Notice how I served asperagus, snap peas and broccoli. They aren’t going to like everything. There are still veggies that I won’t eat as an adult, like lima beans. But sometimes it takes just putting it on their plate a few times to get them to try it. Most likely they won’t touch it and I will just put it in my husband’s lunch for the next day. But just because they don’t eat something, don’t give up on it. I swear I have fed my kids sweet potatoes 1000 times. My oldest still gags, but she is older and I can say “You have to eat 5 bites” or whatever.

Don’t give up on your kids’ diet!  A diet is not something that you ever get “done” with.  Its not a temporary thing.  It is something learned that you keep  doing for the rest of your life!  How amazing will it be for your kids to grow up with healthy eating habits!?  Can you imagine not having cravings or struggles because you were well disciplined and educated as a child!?  Remember, education, praise and patience is the key!  Good Luck!


CrossFit and bodybuilding are totally different!

So, sorry for the little hiatus!  My nerves got the best of me for a little while, but that’s another story that I will save for later in the week!

There are still a lot of people who don’t know or understand what CrossFit is.  (are you living under a rock or something ;)  I will get loads of people who come in (especially ladies) and say “I don’t want to do crossfit because I’m afraid I will get too muscular. I want to be lean and toned.”  There is a misconception going around that if you lift weights you will look like this….

Are you kidding me?!? Probably .0001% of the population thinks this looks good.  And besides, do you know how hard those women work to look like that?  For one, they eat like 4000 calories a day, probably take loads of growth hormones and sit around doing muscle isolation workouts i.e…curls, leg extensions and leg curls.  Don’t get me wrong.  These are all movements that are ok, but could you imagine one of these ladies running a sub 7 mile?  No way!!

The purpose of crossfit is all around fitness.  Yes, being strong goes along with “all around fitness” and as part of that you are going to have muscles (really good looking ones).  My goal is to be good at everything.  It is to prepare myself for any possible situation.  If your goal is to be strong and healthy and to have your body ready and able to go on long likes, run a 10K at the spur of the moment, lift that overloaded box off food from costco out of your shopping cart, then crossfit is for you.  Its for real people.


Check out this hot mama from  She looks strong and beautiful!

If you want to be a frail little thing who can run a marathon but not be able to jump or pick something up, then that’s your business.  But know that in the real life (not the victoria’s secret runway life) there are times when you are going to have to be strong.  Answer me this ladies.  You are all alone at night in a parking lot at the mall.  There is a creeper just waiting for some helpless lady to walk by.  Is he most likely to chose a skinny, malnourished model type, or a strong, confident, athlete??

Ponder that for a while and come back and visit me when your done obsessing over that size 2!

quick snack ideas!

The most important thing to keeping your diet in check is to not let yourself get too hungry!!!  I find when I forget to eat or, better yet, when I don’t really have a lot of options I don’t eat, I tend to get ravenous and go for the first thing in my pantry. (like red vines!  shhhhh!)    The best thing to do is have snacks prepared before the fact so that you don’t slip up and pig out on bread and sugar.

My favorite snacks!!

1.  1/2 cup of greek yogurt with 1/2 tablespoon of honey!  I am obsessed!

2.  beef jerky and almonds

3. celery with almond butter

4. turkey roll ups!  for these I take some really good quality deli turkey or chicken.  I put 1/2 slice of pepper jack cheese (again, good quality)  I put 1/2 teaspoon of full fat cream cheese and spread it around.  Then i slice up some green onion and smush them into the cream cheese and roll it all up!  SOOOO good! (remember that I am not on a low fat diet!!)

5.  There are these new almonds that I found!!!!

Be still my heart!!!  Like candy.  I heard you can get them at Sam’s club, but I have recently come across a way to make these at home!!!!  Here’s the recipe!  So simple and clean. I can’t wait to make these!

So there you have it.  Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you will fall off the wagon!!! But if it does happen (it happens to the best of us)  just jump right back on!!!!  Happy Snacking!

Why you and I should fast

Let me first start off by saying that fasting is NOT the same as starving yourself.  There are several reasons why people choose to fast, weight loss being at the top of that list.  So, why fast????

In a recent article from Mark’s Daily Apple, mark goes over all the in’s and out’s of fasting.  It is fascinating.  Since starting the primal diet I choose to fast every Sunday.  Usually Saturday night is my cheat meal so I always feel better starting the week fresh with a 24 hour fast.  This means that I don’t consume anything for a full 24 hours…including water.  So Saturday night I do a good carb load and then I won’t eat again until Sunday at dinner.   Some might think that this is a little too extreme.  Its really not as crazy as it seems!  I have really grown to enjoy my fasts and I always begin the week re-motivated and not feeling like I blimped out!!  I will even fast during the week if I slipped up really bad on my diet.

So, some common questions with fasting…

Is it ok to exercise while you’re fasting??  Absolutely, so long as you don’t feel light headed.  I have started working out on an empty stomach in the mornings and I find that I have had way more energy!

Will I lose weight while fasting?  Obviously you will lose some weight because you are restricting your calories.  Fasting decreases insulin levels which also decreases body fat.

How long can I fast for?  You can fast as long as you want as long as you are hydrating if you chose to go over 24 hours.  You will also need to take some vitamin supplements and really educate yourself about fasting first.

I have found fasting to be very helpful and motivational.  If you are wanting to know more about it, check out mark’s link and frequently asked questions page.  There are a ton of health benefits to fasting.  Totally worth educating yourself about it.  Especially if you have hit a plateau.  Share your thoughts!!  :)

why you (and I) shouldn’t stray from the diet plan

I did the Spartan Race was this weekend.  It was an awesome event!  The only thing that could have made it better was if i wasn’t so stinking sick!!  I totally sabotaged myself this past week and my body seriously paid for it.  We had a bout of sickness running rampant in our house which kept me away from the gym for a WHOLE WEEK!!!!  Stupid virus.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to stick to a good diet while A: being sick and B: not getting my work out on.  My whole week consisted of gatorade, sprite, saltine crackers, and bread stuff.  Talk about gaining 5 lbs.  (not sure if I did or not.  I haven’t braved the scale yet)  All of this sickness right before this awesome race.  Towards the end of the week I started to feel much better.  I even went to a Valentines Day fondue party the night before race day.  BIG MISTAKE!!  I ate more junk than I have in the past year!  Let me just say that it didn’t sit well in the gut.  I was up all night racing to the bathroom.  Even up to the starting gun I was still having issues.  I was so dehydrated and crampy.  But, I am not one to bail out.  The part I like most about races like that is the mental toughness that it builds.  If I gave up just because I was sick that would totally be defeating my point.  The struggle through the race (obstacles and stomach issues) was something that helps build my character.  It helps me to know that I can do hard things.  That if I put my mind to something, no matter how tough it is, I can pull through.  I could have stayed home in bed thinking about how much fun my team was having, wishing I was there.  But I put on my big girl pants and finished that race.  And let me tell ya’ it was 8.5 miles and 24 obstacles of pure awesomeness.

here’s the crossfit santan crew.  We totally represented!  Out of 150 teams, we took 12th place!  Not sure where my black shirt was. oops



There are three morals of this story here:

1. when you’re sick and miss a week at the gym, it really sucks.  Working out helps to keep your diet on track.

2.  When you are an avid paleo or healthy dieter, pigging out on sweets will make you feel really bad.  REALLY bad.  Just an affirmation on how our guts have acclimated to modern food.  People who sit around and eat junk all the time can totally tolerate it.  But people with a healthy diet can’t.  Makes bad food seem really scary

3.  When something is hard and you really don’t think you can do it, find that extra kick in the pants and do it anyway.  Being involved is way better than sitting on the sidelines.  Its better to struggle through something and make it than it is to sit on the sidelines and wish you had.  The confidence that you build will help you through every trial in your life.


There are certain times of the month where I find myself pigging out.  Its a very strange thing.  I feel like for 3/4 of the month I am in control, and then all of a sudden I lose it.  I don’t know what happens, other than I turn in to a ravenous beast and no matter what, I can’t get full.  Its almost like the first stages of pregnancy…(and no, def. not preggo).  I was, however a little interested in the subject and found out some interesting facts that I thought I would share.

Fact 1.  You burn 15% more calories on your period than when you’re not.  This is a little exciting. even though it means working out during that special time (which definitely is not exciting) you get more bang for your buck so to speak.  So pull your bloated behind into the gym already!!!

Fact 2.  That serious carb loading that I’m doing is actually caused from a dip in my serotonin levels ( a chemical that regulates well being and appetite)  However!!!!!!  Your body actually compensates for these extra calories by increasing your metabolic rate. Your metabolism increases about 5 to 10 percent in the days before menstruation. (so says

Fact 3.  That craving for salty potato chips is making you extra bloated.  Avoid salt like the plague at this time of the month.

Fact 4. Eating green veggies can reduce the spams that cause cramps because of their high calcium, magnesium and potassium content.

So, at least I know that all of that eating is there for a reason.  I usually try to take the week of because i am not a dieter that enjoys struggling through hunger, and I don’t know about you, but pigging out on loads of veggies just isn’t going to happen!  So, cut yourself some slack if you feel the monthly visitor coming over.  Take a little break from your diet, but make sure you kick some butt at the gym!!

effort makes all the difference

We all know there is no such thing as perfection. Even the people that can lift a ton of weight and have the best bodies need to work on something.   Now, we know I train people, and I LOVE my job.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I love helping people learn. I love seeing their confidence grow. But… Let me tell you one thing that frustrates me…(and if there are any other trainers out there, please chime in) What frustrates me the most is when people come in and want to change and want to get better but only want to put in minimal effort.  They say that they aren’t seeing results and they aren’t getting a lot stronger.  This really gets me riled up because I know how good they could be.  I know if they pushed it a little harder they would break out of their funk.  But in order for this to happen, they need to prepare themselves for it.  It may sound crazy, but you should do some serious soul searching.  What is it that you want out of your workouts?  Are you looking to get stronger, faster, more muscle, more skilled or just lose weight?  Figure out your goals.  Write them down.  Short term first.

Example (me and my muscle up)  I tried relentlessly for 6 weeks.  There were times when my arms hurt so bad that I couldn’t lift my kids.  There were times when I thought “this is stupid and pointless” and “I’m not strong enough”.  But what mattered was that I didn’t quit.  I had set a goal.  Even though it didn’t happen by the deadline that I wanted it to, it still happened.  And let me tell you how rewarding it was to accomplish that goal that I worked so hard to achieve.  It taught me a lot about my character.

As a trainer I can motivate and teach you how to do something.  I can tell you when you’re doing it wrong, but I can’t put in the work for you.  If there is something that you’re struggling with PRACTICE IT!!  Take 15 minutes or so a day and work on it.  DON’T say “I can’t”.  If you say you can’t then you won’t, I promise you.  Set a goal, be optimistic and don’t get down on yourself.  So whether it be to up your max in your deadlift, finally do kipping pull ups, double unders or a faster race pace, you can do it!  It takes work and time but if you are determined then it will happen!