Why some people are fitter than you are


andrea ager


If I was a statistics girl (I’m not at all, but I’m gonna go there for a sec) I would say that 25% of the people that walk into my gym have a mindset to kill it.  To dominate.  To work their tails off.  They also are consistent with this mindset.  Not just until they get to a certain weight, but for their whole lives.   The remainder of people come in out of obligation.  Because they know they have to if they want to be healthy. Because they want to fit into a pair of jeans or wear a bikini. They just do what they’re told.  I’m going to throw out an observation and say that group B (the 75%) are also cereal dieters.  They follow trends.  They can lose a lot of weight but then gain it back just as fast.

Two people can start working out at the same time, do the same workouts, eat basically the same type of diet but have completely different results. Why is this?  Why do some people get fit way faster than others?  Why do some people, despite working out every day, stay the same?

Trust me, there are a plethora of answers to this question.  But the one I want to tap into today is mindset.  The difference between a fit person and an unfit person is fit people have constant determination, perseverance, strong will power and an urge to dominate.

Every time a person comes to me and says they’re not competitive, its almost as if they are throwing in the towel.  Think about all of the amazingly in shape people you know.  I guarantee they are some of the most competitive people you have ever met.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  The difference between you doing amazing things or you being stagnant is all in how you talk to yourself.   If you are walking up to the bar and this is your inner voice…”oh crap, this is heavy.  I’ve never done this before.  I don’t think I can do this.  I’m going to look stupid.”  Well guess what?!  You’re right!  You will do all of those things if that’s what you’re telling yourself.

Where as a competitive person walks up to that same bar and says “All Freaking Day!”  Guess who’s in better shape

They are doing the same movements as you are but their workout is more beneficial because they have more energy output than you.  Meaning they are more explosive.  They are pushing themselves to their limits, where as you are just doing your workout to “get it in”.   Think of the body of a sprinter.  Their energy output is 100% for short periods of time.  They have amazing physiques.  Think of fit people as sprinters.  The non-fit people would be like a jogger.  The harder you can go, the better you will be.

How is else is a fit person different?  Fit people go into withdrawals if they miss a week at the gym.  Fit people will skip girls night out because they have to get their workout in.  Fit people stay after class to work on weaknesses.  Fit people research movements they want to get better at.  They will make an excuse to GO to the gym.  When they calculate weight for their sets and it comes up at 136 lbs, they automatically do 140.  They don’t skip reps.  When something burns or is hard, they push harder. They eat a ton of food because they want to smash their workout.  They are confident.  They don’t whine when something is hard.  They don’t need a coach yelling at them so they put in 100%.  They push themselves to exhaustion.  They are leaders.

Obviously, being fit isn’t always easy.  It isn’t something people are born with (most people anyway).  Its a decision.  Its will power, its mindset and its borderline obsession.  Its a skill that needs to be practiced and it comes along with a lot of sacrifices.  Not everyone has what it takes, or we wouldn’t be the most obese nation in the world.  But now you know you can change it.  You CAN be the person you want to.  Its not about achieving a body type, its about how you view life.  Are you going to grab it by the horns or are you doing to be part of the herd?

And before I get load of comments, No, that first picture is not me. I won’t lie and say I wish it was though ;)


Why you and I should fast

Let me first start off by saying that fasting is NOT the same as starving yourself.  There are several reasons why people choose to fast, weight loss being at the top of that list.  So, why fast????

In a recent article from Mark’s Daily Apple, mark goes over all the in’s and out’s of fasting.  It is fascinating.  Since starting the primal diet I choose to fast every Sunday.  Usually Saturday night is my cheat meal so I always feel better starting the week fresh with a 24 hour fast.  This means that I don’t consume anything for a full 24 hours…including water.  So Saturday night I do a good carb load and then I won’t eat again until Sunday at dinner.   Some might think that this is a little too extreme.  Its really not as crazy as it seems!  I have really grown to enjoy my fasts and I always begin the week re-motivated and not feeling like I blimped out!!  I will even fast during the week if I slipped up really bad on my diet.

So, some common questions with fasting…

Is it ok to exercise while you’re fasting??  Absolutely, so long as you don’t feel light headed.  I have started working out on an empty stomach in the mornings and I find that I have had way more energy!

Will I lose weight while fasting?  Obviously you will lose some weight because you are restricting your calories.  Fasting decreases insulin levels which also decreases body fat.

How long can I fast for?  You can fast as long as you want as long as you are hydrating if you chose to go over 24 hours.  You will also need to take some vitamin supplements and really educate yourself about fasting first.

I have found fasting to be very helpful and motivational.  If you are wanting to know more about it, check out mark’s link and frequently asked questions page.  There are a ton of health benefits to fasting.  Totally worth educating yourself about it.  Especially if you have hit a plateau.  Share your thoughts!!  :)

Back with a vengance

So excuse my little blogging hiatus.  Things were super crazy and are just now settling down.  Not only that but my diet was totally sabotaged.  It all started with a fundraiser bake sale where I ended up buying a plate of lemon bars and a plate of homemade caramel turtles!  That did me in.  Its amazing how when you go sugar free for a while you stop craving it, but the minute I gave into it I was hooked all over again.  That started a downward spiral and I lost a lot of progress that I had made over the past couple of months.  I’ve been off of sugar for about a week now and feel so much better.

So, super exciting news.  I entered into a 60 day fat loss competition at my gym.  If I win, I win money.  And if there is one thing that I’m motivated by, its good, healthy competition! I plan on documenting this whole experience.  The day of the final weigh in is May 5th.  So this leaves very little time to mess around.

Here’s my beginning stats


body fat : 22%

I started a week ago and am already down 4 pounds.  My goal is to weigh 130 and have a 12% body fat.  Here’s my plan…

I will eat mainly a high protein/healthy fats diet.  I plan on eating between 50-75 g of carbs a day (all of which coming from fruits and veggies) This means no sugars, no grains and no dairy.

I am incorporating 2 heavy lifting days per week along with my met con workouts (metabolic conditioning)  and I will do 2 endurance or sprint workouts per week.

So, here is my diet plan for today

breakfast: 2 eggs with salsa and avocado

mid day meal (or when ever I get hungry next) protein smoothie with almond milk and almond butter (this is almost like a dessert!!)

next time I get hungry I will snack on turkey or chicken breasts and some type of fruit

Dinner:  elk steaks with mixed veggies

So, the point of this type of eating is to not “schedule” your meals.  You should listed to your body.  Just because lunch is at 12 doesn’t mean I have to eat at 12.  If I’m not hungry I’ll wait.  On the other hand if I am starving at 10, I don’t plan on starving myself until “lunch time”.  I’m eating when I’m hungry.  So,  I plan on getting my new body fat test this weekend to see how I’ve progressed.  I will keep you posted!