Celebrating my way

So, today is my birthday.  yadda yadda yadda.  It is normally a tradition at our box to do a birthday workout.  Some horrible long drawn out thing that makes you re-think the plans you have for your night.  But since its my 30th, what better way to celebrate than getting my butt kicked everyday of the week?? :)  Call me masochistic, but I really am excited about this!! I asked 5 of my trainer friends.  Roy, the beast from previous posts and guest writer for bigdogwods.com  (which is a private blog!  what the f Roy!?),  Tom from http://whothefistomcolvin.blogspot.com/  and some other crazy friends of mine to program me some workouts of their forte. So I will have a workout or two each day to ring in my new year, and hopefully my most successful year “physically speaking”.  This has also got me thinking, dear reader.  If its your birthday or any other special reason to celebrate, and you want to join “club punishment”  (ha!  Totally just came up with that right now, and I like it!) comment on this blog post or send me a message and I will write you a kick a workout on the house!  Only condition is you have to post a pic of yourself afterward to my facebook page!  Cheers!!!! 


diet revisited

So, since the “loads of food” diet run, things have been moving along.  I don’t have the time/patience/energy/desire to keep track of every single thing that I put into my mouth, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up completely.  I did do a solid few months of weighing and measuring and luckily I can kinda eyeball what I “should” be taking in.  What am I doing now, you ask??…well, I’m pretty much eating whatever/whenever I want but keeping it clean.  Breakfast/pre-gym meal is still fruit, like an apple or banana and almonds and raisins.  That seems to do the trick right now.  Sometimes I will have an egg sandwich with whole grain toast.  When I get home from the gym I usually eat a ton.  Today I had last night’s honey-lime enchiladas (even though it was only 10:30 in the morning) and boy, did that hit the spot. I’ve been on this diet path, as most of you have for a while.  I’ve been doing a lot of pondering on what I should or shouldn’t eat and I had a mini epiphany the other day.  This may be totally common sense to everyone else, but to me it really has hit home and I’m feeling much better about this whole idea.

Most people diet because they want their body to look a certain way.  We at Buffbetty (or just “myself” at buffbetty, but I think “we” sounds pretty rad) don’t diet because we want to look good.  Oh no, we diet because we want to be beasts!  And “diet” doesn’t necessarily mean cutting calories, or doing some trendy crap.  Your DIET is EVERYTHING that you put into your mouth.  If you sit around drinking starbucks and eating donuts, then you’re on a diet of starbucks and donuts.  My “diet” is meant to be fuel, its gas in the tank, its what builds my muscles.

So back to my mini-epiphany… “I am not concerned with what my body looks like.  My concern is how my body performs.”   If I am tearing it up every day and progressing, then the look good part will come naturally.

But as I say this, I also add in that I am not sitting around drinking starbucks and eating donuts.  At least not every day…  But I pretty much eat clean food.  A lot of clean food.  Stuff that I prepare and not take out.

I used to be blown away that a lot of legit, top of the top athletes sit around eating pizza and drinking beer.  Like everyday.  But what is most amazing is that their bodies are freakin legit as well.  Mmmhmm.  Take into consideration this photo of Brandon Phillips.  Who at the Outlaw way camp told us straight out that he does workouts while he’s drunk and eating Taco Bell at the same time.  Well, that seems to be doing a body good ;)  The man himself…

So, I’m kidding. Not about Brandon, because that was totally true, but I’m sure that can’t be optimal fuel for everyone!  But seriously,  as long as you avoid fast food, soda and junk on a regular basis you will be just fine if your workout routine is top notch.  Could you be the best ever by mapping it all out and measuring and getting wrapped up in it?  Maybe.  But for kids like me who don’t have the time, this is working pretty darn good.  Til next time.

Crossfit Etiquette

I think this post has been a long time coming. It will probably ruffle some feathers, but if it does, that just means you’re guilty. Here you have it.  Official tips to not be “that guy” or girl at the gym.

1.  Wear proper clothing.  Consider your workout before you get dressed.  If you wear tiny shorts and floss for underwear and that day just happens to have a lot of sit ups, you’re gonna get caught in a compromising situation

2. If you’re not a trainer, don’t try to be.  Yes, you may have done the exercise a ton times, but go there for your workout and to learn.  I’m not talking about giving tips to other members, but try not to make it a mini session of lift coaching.  If you want to be a trainer, pay the thousand bucks, take the course and make it official already.

3.  If you’ve never done crossfit before but think you’re the baddest thing to ever walk the earth, you’re gonna be humbled, quickly.  There are probably girls at this gym that can lift more than you.

4.  Listen to your coach when he/she is scaling your workout!!  This one gets my blood boiling!!!  Yes, you just showed me that you can jump up and do 2 dead hang pull ups is a row.  Good for you.  That doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to do Fran without killing yourself, or wishing you would have.

5.  Be humble.  Especially if you’re pretty good at it.  I get it.  You’re proud of yourself because you used to be fat, blah blah blah.  There is nothing more unattractive or off putting about the sport than seeing a cocky, puffed up moron walking around bragging about his/herself.   Interact with everyone at your gym in a supportive way.

6.  Don’t be all crazy and try to draw a bunch of attention to yourself.  Should you be excited to be with your friends doing a super hard workout?  Of course!!  Save the yelling for when you PR or are lifting something heavy.  Don’t walk around yelling like a 2 year old.

7.  Don’t sit your butt on someone else’s equipment!   If someone is out for a run and comes back in for their wall balls to find your sweaty a$$ sitting on their med ball, that’s just sick!  Sit on the floor or in a chair people!  And don’t EVER squat to a med ball unless totally necessary for mobility purposes.  And then clean that stuff off already.  Those med balls go right by our faces!!  and the same goes for barbells too!

8.  Keep your gas to yourself and don’t pee all over the stinking toilet!  nuff said.

9.  Stop trying to talk gym owners into giving you a deal!  This isn’t LA fitness!  There aren’t millions of dollars coming into this corporation!  You are getting personal, 1 on 1 coaching.  your workouts are planned for you.  the trainers know you personally and think about ways to make you better, even when they go home at night.  they have rent, insurance, employees and families to support.  Just pay it already!

10.  This isn’t boot camp.  Don’t get down and scream in people’s faces.  Encourage, support, cheer them on, but don’t rip them apart.

11.  No headphones unless you are doing a long run.  Makes you look like you’re too good to talk to anyone.

12.  Respect the equipment and put your crap away when you’re done

13.  Introduce yourself to the newbies.  you were the new guy once too!

14.  don’t bring a friend and do lame workouts on the side.  ie crunches, those weird stand back to back passing a med ball movements, dumbell curls etc.

15.  Don’t drop your bar bell from overhead so it bounces into the wall, or worse, someones leg.

Most importantly!!  Go in and have a good time.  Don’t get down on yourself for missing a weight, or messing up a movement.  Just keep working at it.  That’s the beauty of CrossFit. No matter who you are, there is always something that needs to be worked on!

why high rep workouts are no bueno, and my new idol

Let me just tell you that I had the most amazing time last week!  By last minute happenstance I was able to come across a ticket for The Outlaw Tour.  For any of you that aren’t familiar with “the way” then you should educate yourselves here.  Rudy is a flippin’ genius.  Things that hadn’t made sense to me, even after 4 1/2 years of crossfitting (is that even a word?)  have come to light.  I’m not going to spill everything I learned there in one post but I will share one of the most important, in my opinion, tidbits of info.

But before I do that, (you like that little teaser there? ;) let me just share a picture of me and the beautiful Elisabeth Akinwale.  Elisabeth in action:  I guess you could say that I have a girl crush!

She came in 7th in the crossfit games this year and she is very motivated to come out on top next year.  Watching her lift was so inspiring.  She was easily snatching 185 and has a 1 rep max of 200!!!  This is more than most men.  I didn’t get to see the 200, but working out 20 feet from her was one of my coolest fitness moments.  Even if I was only snatching a mere 105 or 110 ( I cant remember)  however, I did successfully snatch 115 yesterday!  A little weak, but I’m owning that one for now!

Now on to the juice.  Playing off the title of this post…I learned last weekend why long, high rep workouts blow.  First let me start off with a question.  Which do you think makes you stronger?  A. 100 butterfly pull-ups  or  B.  25 strict, weighted pull-ups?   which one makes you faster?   A. 2, 800 meter runs or B. 10, 100 meter sprints?  This isn’t a trick and I know that I’ve answered question two right here on this blog a few times.  Seeing as how I’m an anti-long distance runner who sometimes runs long distances. (oxymoron, I know, but I enjoy being contradictory.  It keeps life interesting ;).

So, hopefully you answered B for both questions.  I’ve noticed some gyms in my area are programming these insane workouts almost every day of the week!!  Met con workouts that take an hour.  Where you run a mile and do 100 push-ups in your warm-up.  Then you do on to do a 40 minute workout of random crap!  Amazingly enough (thick sarcasm there) these gyms are not turning out any good athletes.  Why? because these athletes are broken!! They are never going to get faster!  I mean, they will to a point, but pretty soon there will be no PR’s getting hit.  They are going to plateau, pretty much forever until something changes.  I know from personal experience.  I was one of those who loved long, drawn out, high rep workouts.  But my clean and jerk never went up.  My snatch stayed the same.  Or in Layman’s terms, I wasn’t getting any stronger.

So, if this is you, or this is the way your gym programs, give them the finger and do your own thing or find a box that’s worth a crap. Here’s some tips to fix this problem right now!  Everyday, pick a weakness.  My weaknesses are toes to bar (stupid stupid toes to bar!) and handstand walks/push-ups.  Take 10 minutes a few times a week to perfect your bad areas.  Take 20 minutes a day to work on Olympic lifts.  Don’t max out every day, but go heavy and and change it up.  One day do high hang cleans or snatch, one day do from the ground, one day off the boxes.  Then take 15 minutes to work on strength. Mainly front squat and back squat, but you can always throw in push jerk, dead lift, bench, weighted pull ups, dips etc.  Then take 12 minutes to do a met con.  Something fast and intense.

This is one hour of gym time at its absolute best!  You are getting a complete, well rounded routine that will make you stronger and faster.  Forget that 40 minutes of push ups, pull-ups and and kettle bell swings.  Do it the right way and when you have a benchmark workout, you’ll be blown away by how strong you feel!!

PS if none of this made sense to you because your workouts are spent on a treadmill, elliptical or even worse, a leg extension machine, please consider that what you are doing is a complete and total waist of time :)

That’s all for today kids.  Next time I’ll come back with even more juicy deets.

CrossFit and bodybuilding are totally different!

So, sorry for the little hiatus!  My nerves got the best of me for a little while, but that’s another story that I will save for later in the week!

There are still a lot of people who don’t know or understand what CrossFit is.  (are you living under a rock or something ;)  I will get loads of people who come in (especially ladies) and say “I don’t want to do crossfit because I’m afraid I will get too muscular. I want to be lean and toned.”  There is a misconception going around that if you lift weights you will look like this….

Are you kidding me?!? Probably .0001% of the population thinks this looks good.  And besides, do you know how hard those women work to look like that?  For one, they eat like 4000 calories a day, probably take loads of growth hormones and sit around doing muscle isolation workouts i.e…curls, leg extensions and leg curls.  Don’t get me wrong.  These are all movements that are ok, but could you imagine one of these ladies running a sub 7 mile?  No way!!

The purpose of crossfit is all around fitness.  Yes, being strong goes along with “all around fitness” and as part of that you are going to have muscles (really good looking ones).  My goal is to be good at everything.  It is to prepare myself for any possible situation.  If your goal is to be strong and healthy and to have your body ready and able to go on long likes, run a 10K at the spur of the moment, lift that overloaded box off food from costco out of your shopping cart, then crossfit is for you.  Its for real people.


Check out this hot mama from beforeandafterlooks.com.  She looks strong and beautiful!

If you want to be a frail little thing who can run a marathon but not be able to jump or pick something up, then that’s your business.  But know that in the real life (not the victoria’s secret runway life) there are times when you are going to have to be strong.  Answer me this ladies.  You are all alone at night in a parking lot at the mall.  There is a creeper just waiting for some helpless lady to walk by.  Is he most likely to chose a skinny, malnourished model type, or a strong, confident, athlete??

Ponder that for a while and come back and visit me when your done obsessing over that size 2!

Second feels more like 1st loser

So typically I have a lot of uplifting things to say here, but I’m really not in the mood. I had my little fundraiser/team competition last weekend.  It was so fun and for such a good cause.  A load of people were there competing and the workout was pretty intense.  We went in heats.  Our team ended up being in the second to last heat, which was pretty crappy but whatever.  What we didn’t expect was for them to turn it into an individual competition, and that’s exactly what happened.  I am super competitive but I guess I just didn’t have it.  I was ahead for most of the workout, but the last 30 seconds totally killed me.  I was literally dry heaving near the bushes after I peeled my butt off the ground.  I ended up getting beat by a few reps by my friend, Marianne.  You beat me girl, fair and square.  But I have been getting some serious heat for losing!  I’m sorry that I sucked everyone, now get over it!  However, there were some pretty legit girls there and they were younger and buffer (with 6 packs even), but we totally took them down!  New competitions are coming in October in which I team up with Freaking Roy from the gym.  Now for this I am feeling the pressure.  He is a total bad @#$.  I can’t go down this time.  Roy doesn’t go down.  I think my plan will be to bring a rope and tie it around myself so he can drag me along.  Either way, I gotta get out of my stupid head and make this happen.

Enter Roy:

See what I mean?

Just kidding.  A fire has been lit and I am seriously serious.  Training, getting ready, lifting heavy.  Marianne, Judd believes that you are a “Lance Armstrong-like” anomaly.  I hate having to compete against you.  I feel like I am the julie foucher to your annie thorisdottir. But this time, I’ve got Roy.  hahahaha.

In other news, I lost a pound.  I am so ticked.  I thought I was eating enough and I guess it just wasn’t so!  I am back at 135.  That 140 seems so far away!!  With losing that pound my body fat stayed exactly the same which means that whole pound was muscle!  Son of a!!!!!  I am really going to have to up my calorie intake, which seems impossible right now!  Well, off to go put some food in my hole!!!

PS I clean and jerked 140 lbs today.  yep


Things are continuing to go really well on my new “loads of food diet”. (that’s what I’ve decided on calling it)  I took my weight on Saturday and gained 1 lb but lost 2% of body fat!!!!  I was so excited.  You know what that means boys and girls?!?!?  That I have in total, so far I have lost 2.9 lbs of fat and have gained 1.9 lbs of muscle!!!  Woooo freakin hoooo!  Never thought I would be happy about seeing a higher number on the scale but I am really hoping to lose about 2-3 more percent of fat and gain about 4 more lbs of muscle.  (For those of you who wonder about how I am eating loads of food and loosing fat please refer to my last post.)

In other news, I am doing my first little competition this weekend.  Its a team WOD and we have 4 ladies that make up our little team called “3 squats and a snatch”.  I’m excited but kinda bummed because I have been having a lot of wrist pain.  It hurts when its bent back and has any weight on it.  So basically any load bearing exercise bites right now!!  No bueno.  I have been stretching, rolling out my forearms really good, heat and ice, fish oil….does anyone out there have any other ideas???

So to the point…What I really wanted to write about today is competition within the gym.  I have been kinda sad lately because a lot of the members are getting really down on themselves for not being able to do what other people are doing in their workouts.  Let me just tell everyone of my first crossfit experience (as embarrassing as it may be)…I was doing the baseline workout.  Not the hardest WOD in crossfit by FAR.  you do a 500M row, 40 Squats, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups and 10 pull ups.  I completed my row and did a few squats and that was it.  I was outside sitting my rear end on the curb.  I was dizzy, I felt weak, I was just trying not to throw up in front of my trainer.  It took me about 17 minutes to do baseline that day.  Now, I can do it in like 5 minutes. The point being, everyone sucks at first!!  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  I still have things that I have to work hard on every day and I have been doing CF for 4 years.  If you are walking into a gym for the first time expecting to be the best, you are going to be humbled very quickly.  A box is a humbling place for everyone.   So go in, do your workout, don’t compare times, don’t focus on the people who are doing the heavy stuff, or the crazy gymnastic stuff.  Go in to have a good time.  Go in to make YOURSELF better.  Be proud of every little thing you accomplish.  A hole in your spirit can be dug very quickly if all you do is measure yourself against other people.  If you only did 1/2 a workout, be proud of that.  But strive to do a little better the next time.  You will get better each time, I promise!  So keep your head up, set some personal goals and for goodness sake, pat yourself on the freakin’ back already!  You are doing crossfit!!