Top 5 things you should work on to become a better athlete

5. Running.  Sprints preferably.  Have you ever run 400 meter sprints?  It sucks pretty bad.  But its really great for you.   Do sprints once or twice a week.  Occasionally do some long runs.  Very occasionally.  Running long distances doesn’t make you a better athlete in case you were wondering.  If you do lots of sprints, then you can pretty much run any long distance you want because you have awesome lung capacity and strong legs.  I don’t know why people don’t get this…

4.  Mobility.  Yep, getting flexible. You don’t need to wrap your leg around your head or anything, but get comfortable in a low squat position with your weight on your heels and your chest up.  Now, there is such a thing as too flexible.  Your muscles need tension to get up from out of a squat or do a heavy dead lift.  Sometimes people who are overly limber have trouble going heavy.

3. Gymnastics.  Body control is where its at.  Muscle ups, hand stand walks and push ups.  People who have great body control are usually pretty good at everything.  Get good at gymnastics and you’ve got a good thing going for you.

2. Heavy lifting.  You’re not going to get stronger if you’re not trying to get stronger.  Lift heavy, often.  Almost every day.  Back squat, front squat, dead lift, bench press.  Get buff already

1.  Olympic lifting.  “The snatch is the carry over to every athletic endeavor in your life.  You are mobile, fast, conditioned and have control of your body.”  Rudy Nielsen.  So…snatch and clean and jerk is where its at.  Practice those every day.  And find a coach and/or record yourself so you can make yourself better.  No point trying to get good at such technical moves if you don’t critique it.

Now, I have one more, but I thought that “top 5” sounded way better than “top 6”.

Mental game!!  When your body tells you “no”, but your mind tells you “yes”.  Or sometimes your mind and body are saying “no” and its sheer,stubborn will power.  What ever it may be, you need to stay determined.  Push your limit. Every time

Disclaimer:  This is my opinion.  If you have a different idea on what the top 5 should be, write your own blog about it :)


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