Celebrating my way

So, today is my birthday.  yadda yadda yadda.  It is normally a tradition at our box to do a birthday workout.  Some horrible long drawn out thing that makes you re-think the plans you have for your night.  But since its my 30th, what better way to celebrate than getting my butt kicked everyday of the week?? :)  Call me masochistic, but I really am excited about this!! I asked 5 of my trainer friends.  Roy, the beast from previous posts and guest writer for bigdogwods.com  (which is a private blog!  what the f Roy!?),  Tom from http://whothefistomcolvin.blogspot.com/  and some other crazy friends of mine to program me some workouts of their forte. So I will have a workout or two each day to ring in my new year, and hopefully my most successful year “physically speaking”.  This has also got me thinking, dear reader.  If its your birthday or any other special reason to celebrate, and you want to join “club punishment”  (ha!  Totally just came up with that right now, and I like it!) comment on this blog post or send me a message and I will write you a kick a workout on the house!  Only condition is you have to post a pic of yourself afterward to my facebook page!  Cheers!!!! 


4 thoughts on “Celebrating my way

  1. Yes! My birthday is right around the corner and I would LOVE to join club punishment!! I’m in desperate need of a butt kicking! Thank u in advance:)

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