Crossfit Etiquette

I think this post has been a long time coming. It will probably ruffle some feathers, but if it does, that just means you’re guilty. Here you have it.  Official tips to not be “that guy” or girl at the gym.

1.  Wear proper clothing.  Consider your workout before you get dressed.  If you wear tiny shorts and floss for underwear and that day just happens to have a lot of sit ups, you’re gonna get caught in a compromising situation

2. If you’re not a trainer, don’t try to be.  Yes, you may have done the exercise a ton times, but go there for your workout and to learn.  I’m not talking about giving tips to other members, but try not to make it a mini session of lift coaching.  If you want to be a trainer, pay the thousand bucks, take the course and make it official already.

3.  If you’ve never done crossfit before but think you’re the baddest thing to ever walk the earth, you’re gonna be humbled, quickly.  There are probably girls at this gym that can lift more than you.

4.  Listen to your coach when he/she is scaling your workout!!  This one gets my blood boiling!!!  Yes, you just showed me that you can jump up and do 2 dead hang pull ups is a row.  Good for you.  That doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to do Fran without killing yourself, or wishing you would have.

5.  Be humble.  Especially if you’re pretty good at it.  I get it.  You’re proud of yourself because you used to be fat, blah blah blah.  There is nothing more unattractive or off putting about the sport than seeing a cocky, puffed up moron walking around bragging about his/herself.   Interact with everyone at your gym in a supportive way.

6.  Don’t be all crazy and try to draw a bunch of attention to yourself.  Should you be excited to be with your friends doing a super hard workout?  Of course!!  Save the yelling for when you PR or are lifting something heavy.  Don’t walk around yelling like a 2 year old.

7.  Don’t sit your butt on someone else’s equipment!   If someone is out for a run and comes back in for their wall balls to find your sweaty a$$ sitting on their med ball, that’s just sick!  Sit on the floor or in a chair people!  And don’t EVER squat to a med ball unless totally necessary for mobility purposes.  And then clean that stuff off already.  Those med balls go right by our faces!!  and the same goes for barbells too!

8.  Keep your gas to yourself and don’t pee all over the stinking toilet!  nuff said.

9.  Stop trying to talk gym owners into giving you a deal!  This isn’t LA fitness!  There aren’t millions of dollars coming into this corporation!  You are getting personal, 1 on 1 coaching.  your workouts are planned for you.  the trainers know you personally and think about ways to make you better, even when they go home at night.  they have rent, insurance, employees and families to support.  Just pay it already!

10.  This isn’t boot camp.  Don’t get down and scream in people’s faces.  Encourage, support, cheer them on, but don’t rip them apart.

11.  No headphones unless you are doing a long run.  Makes you look like you’re too good to talk to anyone.

12.  Respect the equipment and put your crap away when you’re done

13.  Introduce yourself to the newbies.  you were the new guy once too!

14.  don’t bring a friend and do lame workouts on the side.  ie crunches, those weird stand back to back passing a med ball movements, dumbell curls etc.

15.  Don’t drop your bar bell from overhead so it bounces into the wall, or worse, someones leg.

Most importantly!!  Go in and have a good time.  Don’t get down on yourself for missing a weight, or messing up a movement.  Just keep working at it.  That’s the beauty of CrossFit. No matter who you are, there is always something that needs to be worked on!


One thought on “Crossfit Etiquette

  1. Great post! Had to be said. I was fortunate to join a box that was very humble and had zero tolerance for jerks. I thought everyone was like that until I traveled and went to a few different places.

    #1, #4, #5, and #6 are huge! They seem to be indicators of the entire staff/leadership as well.

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