Diet soda and a new challenge!

First.  Diet soda is bad for you.  Yes, you probably already know that, but why don’t you just give it up already?  I know it says zero calories, zero carbs which makes it basically the same as drinking water, right!?  WRONG.  Do you think any of those things on the list of ingredients is in any way beneficial to your health?  Now, I peeked in and did a little research on diet soda and here’s what I came up with.  If you really take a look at people who drink diet soda…they are usually overweight.  Why is this?  First off, just because it has fake sugar in it doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t process it like sugar.  If you are trying to “eat healthier” by incorporating the diet kind vs. the regular kind, you are fooling yourself.  Your brain still thinks its sugar.  Therefore, the other habits you are trying to form, like eating less sugar, are totally going to be hindered because your body can’t kick that sugar craving.  Also, there have been some recent studies linking diet soda to heart attack and stroke risks.  Not only that, but I hear so many people saying that if they don’t have their diet coke, they get headaches….hmmmm.  Did you ever stop to think that drinking it could be what’s causing your headaches, not deterring them?  So, not only is it keeping you overweight, causing your headaches, and putting loads of unwanted chemicals in your body…but come on!  It looks like poison in a cup and tastes metallic and burns going down!!  Those should be huge warning signs!  Give up that soda!  Get used to water!  Your body will thank you!!

Now on to more exciting news!!!!

The abs challenge has come to a close and I must say that I miss it.  Anyone else??  It was so much fun seeing everyone getting their sit ups on!  I noticed a huge change in my ab muscles (meaning now I can kinda actually see some under there)  and several of you mentioned how you were going to continue on.  Well, that challenge may be a little fresh in your mind still, but I think its time for a new one!  Would anyone be down for a push up challenge? I for one need to work on my push ups terribly. So what do you say?!?  Starting Monday, June 11th we are going to do 100 push ups a day for 10 days!!!  Yes, that’s 1000 push ups.  wooooo weeeee.


4 thoughts on “Diet soda and a new challenge!

  1. I gave up sodas years ago. I heard that diet soda makes you more thirsty. A couple of months ago I was at a party and someone handed me a diet sprite. I did the polite thing and drank it. I couldn’t believe just how thirsty it made me. You probably drink twice as much diet soda just trying to quench your thirst as you would drinking water.

  2. So do the “girl” push ups count? What do I need to do to become strong enough to do real push ups?

    • Start by doing 5 push ups on your knees or up against the wall. Do 3 sets of them the first day if you can. Start out with what you can do. You’ll gain strength and build muscle. When you can do it move up to the “real” push ups. I bet you’ll be doing them in no time.

    • Yes! Start with girl push ups. I didn’t specify it on the blog post, but in this challenge we are going to be doing hand release push ups. Which means you go all the way down to the floor. Rest your chest on the ground while you quickly lift your hands off the ground about and inch. This will make sure that you are getting full range of motion and will make you much stronger. Once you feel like you’re getting stronger, start incorporating some real push ups. Even if its only 10 at the beginning. Then the next day try for a few more. The goal isn’t to do 100 without resting so any way you want to break it up is fine!!

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