Bacon wrapped chicken

Last night we had the most delicious dinner!  And it was super easy!


2 large chicken breasts (thawed and cut into 1″ strips)

8 slices of bacon

1/2 cup of honey

1-2 teaspoons of chili powder

Here’s what i did.  I took 2 large chicken breasts and cut them into large tenders.  (1″ by 3″ or so)  I wrapped a strip of bacon around them and held it in place with a toothpick.  Then I heated up some honey and I dumped the chili powder in it.  I heated it in the microwave for about 15 seconds so it wasn’t so thick and then I dredged the chicken/bacon in it.  I placed it on an oiled broiler pan (make sure that you line the underneath pan with foil so you don’t have to do any messy cleaning) and baked it for 30 minutes at 350.  Then I broiled it for about 3 minutes to get the bacon a little crispier.  I served it with steamed asparagus. Husband loved it. Kids loved it.  Totally primal.  Totally a new staple at our house.  Sorry there is no picture.  We were soooo hungry and they looked so beautiful that we couldn’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Bacon wrapped chicken

  1. I read your buffbetty emails regularly. Of course I don’t follow your plans. I can’t give up potato chips! But you should add pictures of yourself or anything once and awhile. Its nice to picture as well as read. And eventually, I might try your squats….

  2. Hey! Just found your blog from Pinterest. Then realized it was you! Love it. I couldn’t not say anything, when, oddly enough, we totally just had bacon wrapped chicken tenders and asparagus tonight. I’ll have to try it with the honey and chili pepper though. Cool you’re sharing your insights about getting fit – you are definitely an awesome example. Hope you and your family are well.

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