Oh, the temptation!!!

The Crossfit open has finally come to a close.  I’m not too satisfied with how I performed but I was about 380 something in the region out of like 1000 girls.  So I guess that is something to be happy about.  I know that next year will be so much better, though!  I’ve got a lot of fine tuning to do and I’ve got a plan!

The primal diet has been going well. Keeping a food journal has made me so much more aware of what I take in.  I found myself saying no to a cookie because I knew that I was at my carb limit for the day. That’s never happened in my life.  But one thing that I’m MOST proud of this day was my willpower on Friday night.  I helped in the kitchen at a friend’s wedding reception and there was a dessert bar!  Let me tell you, I had to cut, place, arrange hundreds of beautiful desserts.  the most moist brownies with mint filling, cupcakes, cheesecakes, CAKEPOPS for goodness sake.  I thought I was going to pass out.  All of the other kitchen girls were sampling the desserts and I am proud to say that I did have one!  I didn’t even lick my finger when I had loads of chocolate icing on it.  Its amazing, though, the inner demons that I had that whole night.  “Oh, one dessert isn’t going to sabotage my diet”  or “If I eat one of these, I’m going to be so upset with myself”.  I don’t know why sugar has such a hold on me.  It was nice to pass on them.  I found myself eating red pepper spears and staring at the carrot cake.  Come on carrot cake has carrots in it! It has to be healthy, right?! ;)    Now, I don’t plan on totally omitting sugar from my diet 100%.  I just knew that if I had one dessert that night I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.  I’m not ready for that yet.  Soon though!

Today is Sunday, and I’ve fasted today.  Mark Sisson’s book talks about fasting every once in a while.  I plan on doing a 24 hour fast every Sunday with Saturday night being my cheat meal :)  I’m feeling so great and the results are so fast, its amazing.

Since weighing in 13 days ago, I’ve lost 8 pounds.  Keep in mind, I didn’t officially start this primal diet until 6 days ago.  My goal is not to be skinny, though!  My goal is to lose body fat and build muscle mass.

Progress for the last couple of days…

Friday I had 1393 calories

protein= 100G  Carbs=55g (YAY ME!  that was hard)  fat=78g

Saturday    1530 (whoops, went over by 150 calories)

protein=86        carbs=77            fat=101


One thought on “Oh, the temptation!!!

  1. Nice work! I’ve been unofficially following the primal blueprint this week. Unofficially because of the pizza we got at work for lunch today. Now all I want to do is take a nap. Haven’t felt the 3 pm sluggish feeling all week when I’m not eating crap!

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