why you (and I) shouldn’t stray from the diet plan

I did the Spartan Race was this weekend.  It was an awesome event!  The only thing that could have made it better was if i wasn’t so stinking sick!!  I totally sabotaged myself this past week and my body seriously paid for it.  We had a bout of sickness running rampant in our house which kept me away from the gym for a WHOLE WEEK!!!!  Stupid virus.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to stick to a good diet while A: being sick and B: not getting my work out on.  My whole week consisted of gatorade, sprite, saltine crackers, and bread stuff.  Talk about gaining 5 lbs.  (not sure if I did or not.  I haven’t braved the scale yet)  All of this sickness right before this awesome race.  Towards the end of the week I started to feel much better.  I even went to a Valentines Day fondue party the night before race day.  BIG MISTAKE!!  I ate more junk than I have in the past year!  Let me just say that it didn’t sit well in the gut.  I was up all night racing to the bathroom.  Even up to the starting gun I was still having issues.  I was so dehydrated and crampy.  But, I am not one to bail out.  The part I like most about races like that is the mental toughness that it builds.  If I gave up just because I was sick that would totally be defeating my point.  The struggle through the race (obstacles and stomach issues) was something that helps build my character.  It helps me to know that I can do hard things.  That if I put my mind to something, no matter how tough it is, I can pull through.  I could have stayed home in bed thinking about how much fun my team was having, wishing I was there.  But I put on my big girl pants and finished that race.  And let me tell ya’ it was 8.5 miles and 24 obstacles of pure awesomeness.

here’s the crossfit santan crew.  We totally represented!  Out of 150 teams, we took 12th place!  Not sure where my black shirt was. oops



There are three morals of this story here:

1. when you’re sick and miss a week at the gym, it really sucks.  Working out helps to keep your diet on track.

2.  When you are an avid paleo or healthy dieter, pigging out on sweets will make you feel really bad.  REALLY bad.  Just an affirmation on how our guts have acclimated to modern food.  People who sit around and eat junk all the time can totally tolerate it.  But people with a healthy diet can’t.  Makes bad food seem really scary

3.  When something is hard and you really don’t think you can do it, find that extra kick in the pants and do it anyway.  Being involved is way better than sitting on the sidelines.  Its better to struggle through something and make it than it is to sit on the sidelines and wish you had.  The confidence that you build will help you through every trial in your life.