Paleo vs “the Zone” and other big news :)

In the crossfit world there seems to be 2 sides to the diet story.  You either follow “the zone” or “paleo”.  The Crossfit prescribed diet says to “eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar”.  This is basically paleo in a nutshell.  So, what do you do if you have had success on “the Zone” and are thinking of boosting your results?  Answer:  you combine them!  You can “zone” your paleo food!!  This is where the money is!!  If you are not getting the results from your diet, whatever it may be, find a way to tweak it.

When I first tried The Zone a few years back, it didn’t work for me personally because I need something pretty strict.  There were “unfavorable” items that were ok to eat, so I ate them.  A lot.  I found myself trying to Zone a snickers bar.  Now, this is not a bash on the zone!!  I think the science behind the zone is impeccable.  I think if someone is disciplined enough to follow it, they will get amazing results.  The problem was me.  I needed more limits.  When I switched to Paleo, it was easier for me to know what to eat.  But now, that I’ve been on it for a few years I have learned to measure and have the right amounts of proteins, fats and carbs, hence “Zoning my paleo”

Now, when you research the paleo diet you will see all kinds of do’s and don’t’s.  Some say no dairy, others say dairy is ok.  Some say no legumes, others think “maybe the paleo man did run across beans from time to time”.  I think the paleo era could have offered a lot more than we think it did.  Personally, my results have come from avoiding dairy, grains and sugar, but you may be different from me. You might feel like your body responds well to yogurt or skim milk.

Ultimately, I think its so important to avoid ANYTHING processed.  Stay away from packaged, chemically enhanced or refined foods!  Clean yourself up and you will be on the right track no matter what diet you follow! So, for all my zone friends,  I challenge you to zone some paleo food for 14 days.  See if you improve, see if you do worse…I’m really interested to see if you break out to another level in your training!  and if anyone has any paleo/zone experiences or results, please share your comments!

Oh, and by the way, this Betty got her first muscle up today!!!  YAY!


2 thoughts on “Paleo vs “the Zone” and other big news :)

  1. Love this post Kristina! It really hit home for me because I did strict “zone” for awhile and found myself doing the same thing you did. With almost every meal I was allowing myself an unfavorable item…sometimes 2 depending on the day. With paleo (although i eat greek yogurt once a day) i find that i only allow myself to “cheat” one day a week. And the last couple weeks I only want to cheat a little because I feel SO great! Thank you for all your inspiring posts and WOO-HOO for your muscle up!!!

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