skinny fat people

I can’t even tell you the amount of ladies that have told me that they don’t want to lift weights because they are afraid of “bulking up”.  Well, lets just lay this out on the table.  You may be 120 lbs and look great in a bikini, but that doesn’t make you less “fat” than anyone else.  I actually have a friend, (i won’t name any names, but you know who you are…Love you :)  She looks amazing, she was 125 lbs and was nice and curvy in the right places.  One day she had her body fat percentage tested and it was 29%!  That was incredible to me because she looked so thin.  So what was she missing?  Muscle! That being said, my sister came across an blog post from Cody Rice, a trainer at crossfit southbay. all about body fat which, strangely enough, got me super excited to post about it.

Check out these girls…









Both have around 10 to 15% body fat.  Hard to believe, right?  Now you tell me, does girl #2 look “bulky” or does she looks totally amazing?!?! Do you want to look like girl #1?  If your answer is yes, you need to stop reading this blog and read a blog for anorexic people. Just kidding! ;)

Most people think in order to get into shape they need to eat a low calorie diet and run.  Why is the answer always running? Running is good for you, but if your goal is to be “lean”  then you need to get some muscle on that body.  I’ve seen plenty of runners that have lost weight, but still have a high body fat percentage.

In Cody’s article he says “Some people keep saying to be leaner they just need more cardio and less strength.  Well, yes, if you just do “more cardio”, you will lose more fat, but you would also lose muscle because without strength training, your body burns muscle as well as fat. Then, once you stop doing “more cardio” you will gain fat even faster now that you don’t have the muscle to burn the extra calories, resulting in the “skinny fat” look.  You can see this in ex-athletes that have tried to “get leaner” by doing “more cardio” only to result in having more fat with less muscle.”

So, instead of focusing on a scale, we need to be more concerned with our body fat percentage.  Find a place where you can go and get it checked once a month.  Most gyms have the equipment and there are even some fancy scales that can do it too.

Another question is…”when will I start to see results?”  Well, if you get on a clean diet and incorporate weights and cardio, you will notice results within a few weeks.  Now, in order to start seeing definition women typically need to be below 20% and men at or below 10%


3 thoughts on “skinny fat people

  1. I can’t begin to tell how tough it was to give up the SCALE! I don’t know why it’s lasered into my brain to want to weigh myself when I can physically see and feel the difference. I think it’s so great to know you’ve “LOST” weight that it becomes an addictive habit to keep checking. You don’t want to gain it back and you want to lose 5 or 10 more. It’s a sick mental game. After I started doing CrossFit my thought process has started to change. I want to be strong. My new wants are PRs at my 1 RM. I don’t look at the scale anymore. I’ve only been in the CrossFit World for a few months but I look at myself differently for sure. Now I eat clean, push myself in my workouts and feel great. I don’t need a number on the scale to define me! Great Post :)

  2. I started CF 3 months ago and didn’t lose a lb until this week. That said, last night I rocked pant that I haven’t been able to wear for a year and the were almost too big on me. Bring on the muscle!

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