Change your thinking, change your body

So, its almost Monday, which means that a new week is beginning and its time to get re-motivated.  Just curious how many have already bombed on their New Year’s Resolutions? Are you already unmotivated?  If your answer is yes, I want you to think really hard why you’re skimping on your training?  Is it because you’re too busy, its too boring, you’re not seeing results, you’re in a funk?  Well, if any of these are your answer, I think a few tips and a little motivation is what you need.

I’m no psychologist but I do know a few ways to give yourself a kick in the rear.  First off, if your problem is “getting” yourself to the gym or to do your workout, it sounds like you could need a friend or trainer that you are committed to (and if its a friend, make sure its not a friend that’s in the same boat you’re in.  it needs to be someone who already is motivated to get their workout in) and if you don’t have a friend like that, then you’d better make one quick.

If its that your routine is boring, then you need to find a way to mix it up. Do you have a child/spouse/friend that loves to play a sport?  Go play it with them.  Go for a run or a bike ride with someone you love.  Not only does this build relationships, but it gives you something to have in common together. Another thing you can do if your workout is boring is to check out my previous post on “getting toned”.  There you will find lots of ideas on how to mix up your workout program.

If you’re not seeing results, then I will say it again!  Step it up at the gym!  You should work yourself so hard that you can barely walk yourself out of there.  Why even go if you’re going to complain the whole time and not put in 110%?  You need to go to the gym with a plan in mind on what you’re going to do.  If you’re a crossfitter then you need to pick someone up on that white board to take down.  I promise you that if you are in a competitive mindset then you will boost yourself to a whole new level.

And if you’re feeling down and in a funk…don’t beat yourself up over where you are!  So, you’ve gained a lot of weight or gotten in some bad habits.  Stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others.  Just put your best effort in everyday.  That’s all that matters. not what happened yesterday, not tomorrow, but that you did your BEST today.

And last but not least, you HAVE to believe in yourself.  You can have the life and body you want to, but it takes hard work.  No excuses, it just takes discipline. That is the only difference between us and the elite.  Discipline.

So go and get pumped up for your workouts, get a new playlist, a new outfit, a new partner for your workouts, watch some youtube videos on athletes that inspire you.  Get your mind ready to go for this new week. You only get one body in this lifetime.  Don’t waste it!


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