So, you wanna ditch those love handles…

Belly fat!  Why does it never seem to go away?!?!  My favorite…the back belly fat, or muffin top.  It gives away just how many muffins you’ve eaten this week.  Well, today lets talk about how to ditch that over-the-pants flap.

First and foremost I have to say that ABS are made in the kitchen.  This means if you aren’t trying hard on your eating, you can do a million crunches and your belly isn’t going to change.  I know from personal experience.  After 4 kids I swore that my belly looked like that because of pregnancy and not diet.  But…after I checked my eating it went away.  So like I’ve said a million times before…ditch the preservatives and eat meat and veggies and some fruit.  Not only will this diet help you lose fat, it will help you gain muscle and tone up!

Check your posture.  How do you sit and walk around?  Are your shoulders back and abs engaged??  This is an all day ab workout that will get a jump start and it will strengthen your back!

Second, weight training.  And I don’t mean jumping on the machine.  I mean real weights that engage core muscles.  Every time you lift something your abs should be locked down!

Third, sit ups.  Not crunches! crunches may give you pain in the top half of your belly, but we are worried about the bottom half here.  You should have something like a towel or pillow to support your lower back, while you’re sitting bring the bottoms of your feet together and your knees out to the side.  Bring both arms straight up over head and lower down keeping your arms straight.  When you get to the bottom your arms should still be locked out over head and then situp (keeping your arms locked) and touch your toes.  This will KILL your abs! (in a good way)   Also, plank holds are a great ab and stability workout.

Fourth, cardio.  I’ve said before how interval training can blast fat, and I really meant it.  You don’t have to be a world class athlete to do sprint training either.    Just get out there and do it a couple of times a week for 20 minutes.

There you have it.  Make sure you are keeping those abs engaged all day and that fat is gonna melt off!


5 thoughts on “So, you wanna ditch those love handles…

  1. Until a month ago, I had no idea how great plank holds were for my abs. Who knew that just holding a position like that could shred your midsection?! I love to hate them.
    The good news – my abs are coming into focus.
    Another great blog I want to share, thank you!

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