Resolution Rehab!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and stuffed yourself with yummy food just like I did. With the new year approaching we are all thinking about our goals for 2012.  I’m guessing most of those goals will be to eat healthier, exercise or lose weight.  Have any of you gone to the gym the first week of January and noticed how stinking busy it is!!??  And then in February it dies down a little, and by March its pretty much dead.  Why is this?  Why do people burn out so quickly?  I think its because of the “do or die” mentality with resolutions.  Just for you, just before the New Year, here’s some ideas on sprucing up your resolutions and making them actually attainable!

Bad Resolution:  “I’m going to run a marathon.”  now don’t get me wrong, running a marathon is a cool resolution, and I’m sure that many people have done it before.  But…what if you don’t enjoy running?  Then you spend the first few months of your resolution hating it, and that’s not fun or inspiring at all.  Sometimes I think people try to run a marathon is because they think its the only way that will get them in the best shape.

Better Resolution: “I’m going to run by best or first 5k or 10k.”  Training for a PR in one of these is going to rock your body out!  Get in some interval training, and weight training.  This will be a more fun experience (for most people) than struggling to complete a marathon!  And make sure you pick a race, sign up in advance and put it on your calendar!

Bad Resolution “I’m going to lose 20 lbs.”  Not saying that you don’t need to lose 20 lbs, I’m just saying that you look at it the wrong way.  Obsessing over the scale only stresses people out.  And telling yourself that you can’t have any sugar…only makes you want it that much more!

Better Resolution: “I’m going to eat healthier.”   Just because you had that cinnamon roll for breakfast doesn’t mean that your resolution is totally sabotaged!  Commit to eating better for the rest of the day.  You don’t have to wait until Monday, or tomorrow.  Commit right then!  And try to use some of the curving craving tips I posted a few days ago.  If you are making an attempt to get control of your eating every day, you will get better and better at it!

Bad Resolution “I’m going to go to the gym every day”  First off, stuff comes up in our schedule and sometimes its hard to make it to the gym.  But…don’t let yourself get into a habit.  If you miss one day, fine.  Get your rear there the next day.  If you miss two days, then you better make it happen the next day, or else!  And if you miss three days, you’re pretty much setting yourself up for a slump.  Instead…

Better Resolution: “I’m going to get stronger”  Looking at it this way is more motivating.  There are a lot of ways that you can make yourself stronger. Do some weight training! There is this misconception that lifting weights is going to make you heavier.  Not true.  It tones and helps you lose inches.  Go hiking, bike riding on hills, running up hills in sprints. Getting stronger will help you lose the weight, get you in shape and help with your self confidence.

Make your resolution something that you are excited about doing!  And if you mess up, don’t totally throw in the towel.  There is no reason why one fail should derail you.  And you don’t have to wait for January 1st to start your resolution.  Why not start today!?  So…leave me some comments and tell me what your resolutions are….


5 thoughts on “Resolution Rehab!

  1. I have some very specific weight-training related goals (ie, 275lbs ground-to-overhead, 2x Body-Weight Back Squat)

    But then a more FUN one is to cook one NEW meal per month. As in, something I’ve never done before. Maybe it’s a meal with a “reduction”… maybe it’s cooking a new type of meat “Ostrich at home?”, who knows. But it will be fun. And it will probably make it’s way onto my blog! :-)

    I agree, the more INTENSE the goal, the less likely “most” people are to attain it. Set smaller milestones along the way, and then you get to keep rewarding yourself for reaching them on your way to the “big goal”!

  2. My fitness goal is to get toned. I have lost almost 30lbs by giving up dairy, sugar, meat, eggs, and processed food but haven’t really exercised much. I’m skinnier but I’m flabby! Gotta figure out how to fit in some more intense exercise. I REALLY want a flat tummy for the first time in my life. Before the next kid, thankyouverymuch.

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