ways to cheat temptation

scenario #1. you have a party to go to and you vow that you will not over indulge on the goodies.  You eat before hand and try to mentally prepare yourself.  “I will not eat those oreo truffles.  I will not eat those oreo truffles.”  then you get to the party.  The beautifully decorated truffles sit on an eye catching three tier display in the center of the room.  inner dialogue goes from “I will not!” to “I shouldn’t” to “ok, but only one!” then the famous “well now that I’ve had one I might as well have some more because my plan for the night failed anyway”

Now, I’m not perfect and I will be the first to admit that those truffles get me every time!  I have, however, found some ways to cheat tempting situations at parties…

Number one…cinnamon altoids! (ok, I know its not paleo. give me a break)  Every time you see a treat and are tempted, pop one of those bad boys in your mouth.

Number two…Mini mouth wash!  go into the bathroom and clean out your mouth.  NOTHING tastes good after mouthwash!

Number three…Drink loads of water.  Make your belly feel full.  I mean LOADS of water

This can also be used at work/home to help those craving out.

Scenario number two.  This is actually the scenario that I’m fighting at this very moment…kind of my post inspiration.  You’ve cooked and eaten a healthy dinner.  Your portion was perfect.  you felt full afterward.  Now, its 3 hours later and you’re starting to feel a little hungry for something.  preferably something sweet or salty.  or even better…sweet AND salty.  Stupid stomach!  always out to sabotage.

Cheat tip #1.  Brush your teeth for 5 minutes and floss too.  Something about that super clean mouth feeling makes it really hard to eat treats.

#2.  take a hot bath.  Taking a bath A. gets you locked down in one place while the craving runs its course.  B. helps you clear your mind and really decide if you want to ruin a whole day’s work.  and C. dehydrates you a little so you start craving fluids vs. solids.

#3.  drink some hot herbal tea.  The hot liquid helps your belly feel full and helps you sleep too.

There you have it.  Let me know your experience with cheating temptation!


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