Before and After: My Transformation

I thought I could get a little personal, so here you have it.As embarrassing as it may be for me, I figured it might be inspiring for someone else. Either that or get a good laugh out of you.

This is me post baby after baby #3.  (I know, hotness)

And this is me again, post baby after baby #4

Here’s the mini version of my story:

I’ve been active pretty much my whole life in one form or another. After I graduated high school and started a family I felt kind of in this exercise limbo.  I used to workout because I was on the volleyball team and that’s just what we did.  Either that or I did weight training for a grade.   After the season was done and the semester was over I didn’t really know what to do with myself.  I joined a “traditional” gym and would go to spin class and maybe mess around on the machines or walk/jog on the treadmill, but whatever I did, I could not get that athlete body back.  With every kid it seemed to get worse.  Then, I found crossfit and it changed my life.  That competitive edge that I needed was brought back into my life.  That fire to excel burned like crazy.  I felt like an athlete again.  When I started getting more intense in my workouts I started noticing a change.  It was more mental than anything.  I was confident, happier and proud of myself.

So, for any of you wanting to get back to the gym, or even step up what you are currently doing,  this one’s for you!


10.  to boost your self confidence (I promise, no one is judging you while you’re working out.  no longer a valid excuse)

9.  to feel alive (post workout your blood is flowing and you feel like you can conquer the world)

8. you will sleep better!  (science has proven that exercise helps you zonk out)

7. you will want to eat better (who wants to do a crazy hard workout and then go eat doughnuts?!  well maybe you do,  but most likely when you work your body, you will naturally want to nourish it)

6. functionality (picking up kids, bending down to pick up toys, moving furniture.  All of this becomes easier)

5.  to be an example (you want your children to be fit, right?  show them how!)

4.  to look better (duh!! those “skinny pants” in your closet need you!)

3.  exercise cures depression (its true!!)

2.  improve your relationship with your man or woman (yes, we do want to look better naked and as a bonus exercise helps us to feel more confident and desirable.  always good for a relationship)

1. you deserve to live a long healthy life. get your rear off of those prescription meds!  high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease! Don’t let disease take you over!

only you can chose a healthy life.  it is not something that just comes free.  it is something that you have to work for every day.   When you give up, you are not just letting yourself down, but those around you who want to share a life with you.  But at the same time you can’t be a slave to diet and exercise.  I found crossfit and that helped me because i enjoy it.  Your form of exercise might be riding a bike, or swimming or raquetball.  Whatever it is, get passionate about it.   Make room for it on your schedule everyday and make yourself do it!   You deserve to be healthy and happy!

Share your thoughts/experiences!  I would love to hear them!


11 thoughts on “Before and After: My Transformation

  1. You were awesome before and now that you are a mom and work out junkie, you are even more awesome now. What a great example for your family and everyone else, you even have me doing some exercise again. Love your blog and we love you and your family

  2. Ok you are a rock star. Love how toned you are. I probably could’ve watched you pick up that dresser and carry it inside for me yesterday hahaha. So…i have a love hate relationship with exercising. I love how it makes me feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. The physical appearance(as long as it takes for it to happen) is great too. I did a couple boot camp sessions earlier this year and hated the time it took away from my kids and husband, I know sounds weird. I hate how I work all day with my cute but endlessly busy kids and then i get to go and work myself even harder to reverse the sacrifice they made on my body. I am obsessed with my kids and couldn’t live without them but I definitely think my problem was The time it took away from my family and how long it took for results to show. because I am extremely impatient! I would love to get back in the swing of it though and work something out so i dont feel guilty for being gone:) as far as eating goes, my husband insisted ograbbing a big mac yesterday while we were running errands, I said the kids and i are not eating there and as he pulls into the drive through we are in line behind his very own dad! I told him he is following that example of bad eating habbits! I for one would live for a long time!

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