Pushing it to the next level

So, you’re bored with your routine or even better, you’ve hit your plateau.   Everything on your body seems to be staying the same even though you’re getting in your exercise and eating well. We’ve all been there.  Its time to bust down this stupid wall.

When I’m coaching people through a workout, it really ticks me off to see them giving minimal effort.  Yeah, they are there doing the workout, that counts for something, but they are keeping it in a safe zone.  The zone where comfort just starts meeting discomfort, and then its time for a break.  I want to scream “what the heck are you here for!?”  They obviously made the effort to get dressed and drive their selves in , but why not give it 110%?  These are usually the people who want these magical results because they claim to be putting in the effort.  There is so much more to it than “getting in” your workout.

If you want the secret to breaking through that plateau, I will give it to you!


When you are working out what is your inner-dialogue?  is it “this sucks so bad, i think i want to quit, i think i’m gonna barf, i need to have a breather, a lot of breathers (or my favorite) it hurts too bad?”  It could be one or all of these excuses that’s holding you back.

When I go to get my workout on I become a different person.  I get myself mentally worked up before I start.  I am so competitive I would work myself until I passed out just to beat someone else.  Now, if you say that you’re just not a competitive person, that may be true, but I think that being competitive can be learned.

You need to re-train your brain during your workouts.  Instead of taking a bunch of breaks when you’re winded, go all out until your muscles give out.  News flash!  Your muscles are SUPPOSED to hurt while your working out.  that means you’re doing it right.  You need to find a way to face that pain.  To attack it head on.  You only have a limited amount of time to get your workout in.  Every second needs to count for something.  In my opinion its not a good workout unless I’m on the verge of throwing up afterward.  If I have that feeling, I am totally satisfied.

So here’s the challenge to you all.  Find a way to bust out of that comfort zone.    Add 10lbs to your bar during your work out.  Go faster in your sprints.  Push yourself through that threshold.  Remember pain and struggle will bring better results.  Become mentally tough and you can have everything you will ever want in life.  Including a rockin’ bod.


5 thoughts on “Pushing it to the next level

  1. Great post! Very true! A quote i like- “if there is doubt in your mind…how will your muscles know what they are supposed to do” -Harvey Penick

  2. I love it! I wish I could morph to your gym and work out with you! You nailed it right on the head! I’ve been running for awhile now and I just can’t push myself to steadily run the whole mile, because in my mind, I’m so wiped out and want to throw up, but realistically, I can do it.

  3. I love your attitude! When I’m working out, my inner dialogue goes something like this:
    “It’s been ten minutes and there’s no sweat on my mat. Get the lead out, Nancy!” or this:
    “Look at all the sweat on my mat! I’m kicking ass! I need to drink more water so I can sweat even more!”

  4. Ok…..did my workout last night inspire this post? :) I didn’t realize you could read minds, I was totally thinking “I’m going to die” and “this just hurts too bad.” You’re right it’s all mental… I will go in tonight ready to feel real pain. And I will make myself love every second of it. :)

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