Some truths about running

I’d like to start off by taking a look at some long distance runners.

Now, lets take a look at some sprinters…

Who wants to have a body like the marathoners?  um…. they kinda look like they haven’t eaten in a while and maybe the are on the verge of collapse.

How would you like to have a rear like the sprinters?  YES PLEASE!  Meat on bones is GOOD, people!

T’is the season to start running in Arizona.  (yes, we’re the freaks of the world who only come out in the winter)  But even if you want to get your run in on the tread mill, this is for you too.

So you wanna lose some weight and you decide the best way to do this is to go running 5 times a week.  You start with a mile then the next day you do 2 miles and so on and so on.  You keep the same pace through out the whole run and you’re super happy.   Now you are consecutively running 5 miles a day 5 times a week!  Wooo hooo, right?!?!  Well, soon you start to notice that things are hurting. Feet, knees, hips, back…I could go on and on with the amount of injuries running can cause.   So, why are you hurting?

A. you’re running too much

B.  You don’t stretch enough before or after runs

C.  your form is bad

D. All of the above

If you answered “D” to this question, you are totally right!

Before I start, I just wanna throw something out there

Just because your neighbor runs a marathon does not mean she’s more fit than you are!

Lets start with A.  Is there a magic number on how far and how often you need to run?  Sure, but everyone is different.  Let me just jump on a personal story bandwagon here.  I love to run the turkey trot every thanksgiving.  The first few years I trained solely by running miles.  My turkey trot was going to be 6.2 miles and I was bound and determined to run that far!  so I trained for 8 weeks until I felt comfortable at that distance.  My knee was bugging me, but nothing bad enough to keep me from dropping out.  Turkey day came and I was all ready to go with a brand new playlist.  I did my turkey trot in 59 minutes.  Yay, under 10 min miles!  Well, lets fast forward to the next year.  I no longer ran for distance.  All I did that year was track work.  I followed an endurance program from my gym that was mainly interval training.  The longest I ran while I was training (only 4 weeks) was 2 miles.  Race day came and I was feeling a little nervous.  I felt great, but there was this little voice in my head saying “you didn’t run enough”  Well the shot went off and so did I.  I cruised through that 6 miles finishing in 48 minutes.  But how is that possible if I hadn’t run more that 2 miles in over a year??  Well, let me tell you a secret.  Sprint work not only makes you faster, it makes your lung capacity greater and it makes your muscles stronger!  So if you want to be a runner, go to the track or get on your treadmill and get some sprints going!!

B.  Stretch people!!!  This prevents so many injuries.  Not just your quads and calves, but your hips!  If you get really flexible in your hips you will feel so much better! Especially take the time to stretch afterward.  This is when your muscles are warm and loose and you will be able to stretch even more!

C. Bad form.  Geez, there are so many books about this one.  What worked for me this last time was running on the balls of my feet.  Imagine jumping rope.  Do you hit your heels on the ground between every jump?   Why not?  Because it slows down your momentum.  Try shifting your body weight so that you are leaning forward more.

so, there is a “very general” idea on ways to get fitter and faster!

Try this on for size.  Hop on your treadmill ,head to the track or just go out into the street.  Don’t forget your stop watch!  Work on sprinting as fast as you can for 20 seconds.  rest for 1 minute when you’re done and then repeat 10 times.  And if you do this, plan on skipping your long slow run because this will be sufficient!  Note* if you’re on a tread mill, give your self some elevation. preferably a 3 or 4.

Message me if you have any questions about running and I will do my best to help you out.


2 thoughts on “Some truths about running

  1. Ok your so awesome..thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I am so going to try this sprinting business.I could never run even a whole mile ever..not even in high school..maybe this will help.

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