for those of us who struggle with the “F” word

Don’t worry, F is for food.  And in this particular case, SUGAR!

I saw a clever little poster that someone pinned on Pinterest the other day.  And it got me thinking… Do I eat to live or do I live to eat??

It is SOOO important that we fuel our bodies correctly!!!  If you are a crazy mad person at the gym and wonder why you aren’t seeing your results, its because of your food!  My nemesis is sugar!  I have not mastered my self control with it yet, but I am definitely on track.  Here is my secret…

The other day I was making my daughter cupcakes for her class.  We decided we wanted “best cream cheese frosting ever” to go on top.  MELT my heart!!! mmmmmm.  So I frosted the cupcakes and still had half a bowl left of this heaven sent fatness.  Here were my options.  I could eat it all right now so it wouldn’t be around to tempt me for the rest of the day (don’t judge, I’m sure you’ve done this before) or I could cover it with foil and put it in the back of the fridge, hoping I would forget about it (but knowing I would find times when no one was looking to grab a spoonful).  Or I could throw it away GASP!  So I took a spoonful and got some of that creamy deliciousness and enjoyed every mouthwatering second.  Then I took that half full bowl of frosting and put it in the sink and rinsed it out!! high five, right?!?!

Something I’ve realized about myself is that I hate being denied what I want.  Especially something as small as a candy bar.  So, to help myself stay in shape and still have a sweet tooth, I have learned to become very good friends with the garbage can.  If I want a candy bar, I allow myself a bite or two and then I throw that thing in the trash.  At first, I was like “oh, but that’s wasting money”  But its NOT!  You got your enjoyment out of it!  If you eat the rest of that candy bar you are going to hate yourself, or feel sick and wish you had thrown it away.  So, with Christmas time coming up, everyone will be baking and bringing by treats.  Do not make a plan to make an assortment of goodies that will be staring you in the face the whole holiday season.  Pick something that is a cute gift, but not tons of sugar.   And either threaten your friends not to bring it over,  give it to someone else, or best of all throw it away!  Do not feel sad for that cookie at the bottom of the trash can!  All it does is hold you back.

Just some food for thought ( pun intended :)


4 thoughts on “for those of us who struggle with the “F” word

  1. I’m sure I am totally coming off as a creeper like I am Facebook and blog stalking you! I do have a life in case you were wondering ;) Anyway, I do the same thing. At Halloween time, I threw all but a few pieces(that I gave to my kids) of candy away. I was so proud of myself. It was a long time coming but finally quitting sugar, and Dr. Pepper, and smaller portions of food have caused me to lose 20 lbs recently. My motto is they are serving a better purpose in the trash than they would be in my body. Now on to more consistent exercising.

    • So true! I feel like garbage after I eat bad anyway. Might as well put it in its rightful place! Great job on the 20lbs! That’s awesome! And I don’t think you are a creeper! hahahaha

  2. Oh my word, you spoke from my heart today Kristina. I’m so proud of you with the cream cheese frosting.
    What I have discovered with sugar is that it is instantly addictive. The second you put some in your mouth your brain wants more, it really is a drug. Best to eat our treats very, very slowly or just stay away altogether.
    And no, throwing junk food away is not a waste. If your body can’t use it as good fuel but you eat it, you’re just using your body as a garbage can – yuck!

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