the importance of weights!

Any exercise is good, right?  There is some truth to that.  But, are you going to see the changes you want by doing the same exercises day in and day out? No.  The money is in the mix-up!  So often you will go to work out and you will A. go on the tread mill.  B. take a spin class  or C. go lift some light weights in a class or even worse, use the machines!  GAG

Yes, those things can get your heart rate up, but you should not do the same routine every day!  Make sure you get some real weights in once in a while!  Do some back squats, cleans and deadlifts!  Do not be afraid of heavier weights.  Now keep in mind, you have to have good form and do not over do it!  (i’m gonna get some tutorials going soon!) Mix up your lifts and your reps.  Now, lifting heavy is a great way to burn fat and build muscle, but so is lifting light.  Here’s a simple at home workout to give a shot at.  And for goodness sake time yourself!  Especially if you are just starting out!  Its so awesome to see progress on the stopwatch!   And keep in mind…our goal is NOT to workout for an hour!  Sometimes, that’s just not realistic in our busy lives!  So take a few minutes for yourself during kids’ nap time and do something for you!  You will be so glad you did!

So let me break down the workout…weighted lunges-I would love it if you used 10lb weights in each hand, but if you don’t have them use anything you can get.    An important note about lunges.  Make sure your head stays high!  Do not lean forward or backward.  Your weight should be centered and you want to push through your heel on the leg that is in front.  Your back knee should touch the ground or get as close to the ground as you can get it.

push ups- challenge yourself here! Again FORM is so important.  Place your arms slightly farther than shoulder width apart on the ground.  Make sure that your core is locked and you are not reaching down with your nose (ie..looking like your taking a drink from the stream.  no bueno. )  You want your hips and chest to touch the ground at the same time, and leave the ground at the same time.  No worms allowed.

sit ups- REAL sit ups people.  None of those wussy crunches.  Sit on the floor with your legs in a butterfly stretch position.  (heels together, knees out)  Find a towel or a pillow to support your lower back.  Reach your arms up over your head and lean all the way back until your hands touch the floor.  Then pull all the way up until your hands touch your toes.  now you’re ready!

Workout:  3 rounds of

30 weighted lunges (1 count each leg)

30 push ups

30 situps

feel free to cuss me out for this one in the comment box :)


5 thoughts on “the importance of weights!

  1. Hey haven’t had time to hit them gym so I just finished your work out. It was awesome! So glad your doing this site, this will come in handy for me. I did 10 pounds for the lunges cause thats all I have. I did it is 13:50.

    Thanks Kristina your awesome!


  2. You are my new hero! My husband did crossfit this summer and lost almost 20 pounds and gained muscle. How do you become crossfit certified? I am excited to follow your blog!

    • That’s wonderful! Hopefully he’s sticking with it! You can get certified by going to the website and register for a level 1 course. They are 2 days long and very intense but it is so amazing! I’m so glad that you are following!!!

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