Our goal is not to be skinny, but to be FIT!











So…who looks in better shape to YOU?

Lets talk about our diet ladies!  If you’re anything like me you’ve got that one thing that you can’t seem to quit.  It may even be several things!  I will put it all out there and say that I love chocolate.  I LOOOOVE chocolate so much that it sabotages everything that I’m trying to achieve.  BUT….before I say anything else, I just want say that I am not here for you to “get skinny”.  My goal is and always will be fitness!  Plus, ladies with meat on their bones are way hotter :)  So, we are not so much concerned with a scale but how we feel and how our clothes fit!

So, back to diet.  Let me tell you a typical day in the life of most people… we wake up and have a bowl of our favorite cereal, maybe some toast and a banana to be healthy.  In about 2 1/2 to 3 hours we are absolutely ravenous so we must have something filling.  Maybe we go to the vending machine and have a snickers bar, because hey, they have protein, right?  Or maybe we were really prepared and brought an apple to work.  Lunch time and we either go out for that salad, or we have a PB&J and a diet coke.  2 1/2 hours later we are so tired that we start to fall asleep wherever we stop moving.  Must have caffeine!  Coffee, soda, tea, what have you.  and of course a little snack.  Then dinner.  Either we are feeling lazy and order a pizza.  A veggie pizza because we are trying to be healthy today ;)  and some more diet coke.  And a maybe a breadstick .  Now, some of those options seemed ok.  apple, banana.  Now, lets break it down and explain a few things…


cereal-carbohydrate= blood sugar up

toast- carbohydrate= blood sugar up

banana- carboydrate= blood sugar up

now, 2 hours later blood sugar crash= that I’m starving/tired feeling

so you kinda get the picture…. snickers=carbohydrate   pb&j, pure sugar=carbohydrate.  Diet coke= un-classifiable. ;)  pizza=CARB/FAT

So basically whats happening is you are ingesting TONS of carbohydrates, some fats and ZERO protein!  In other words Sabotage, diabetes, hyper children, mood swings, lethargy, sleeplessness…etc.

So, lets try something else.  One of the best, and realistic diets out there is   The Zone by Barry Sears.  Get this!  or research it!  The concept of the zone is to eat a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat at every meal.  That amount depends on your body type.  But, the reason these are so specific is because they all work together to keep blood sugar at a constant.  No spikes, no crashes. you feel great and have energy all day…and a bonus…you are NOT hungry ever!

My 24 hour challenge for you is to fit protein into your diet.  Eggs, lean meats with every meal!  Have a carbohydrate that is not so packed full of sugar.  this includes bread and fruit.  Which means, try some VEGGIES with your meat.  But most importantly, I’m going to challenge you to one day without preservatives.   Work out challenge of the day.  200 jumping jacks for time.  Get your stopwatch and go as fast as you can.  Get that blood flowin’ and I’ll be back with some more tips on Friday :)  and, leave some love and let me know how you did!!!



3 thoughts on “Our goal is not to be skinny, but to be FIT!

  1. Hey you hot little lady! I am soo glad that you are doing this blog!! Especially since I am stuck in Alaska and I can’t do cross fit with you and Tara. I am going to be following you daily so keep it up! THANKS and I miss you girls! Danielle

  2. Yeah!!! I need to come join your gym. I just keep putting it off because if I do it means the end of my horrible eating habbits. But this baby weight is going nowhere so I need to do something. I’m excited to read this each and every day! Any tips and motivation are wonderful.

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